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Through confident clothes and an inspiring community, Argent is creating a movement that’s all about self expression in and out of the workplace, versatility as a power move, and radical equality when it comes to paychecks, pockets, and everything in between.


You’re the Power, 
We’re the Suit.

What we wear matters—not for them, for us. Argent designs clothes that embolden modern, multi-dimensional women to be their best, most confident selves through functional, fashion-forward apparel with useful details to optimize your work-joy balance. 

The premise is simple: We give you the tools, you make it work.

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Successful Separate,
Stronger Together.

While our clothing is created to remove barriers to women’s success, our commitment to community is just as mobilizing. Through storytelling—our most powerful tool—we share unique and transparent profiles, tap into poignant expert advice, celebrate personal style, and honor the women who put Argent's mission into action every day.

Found on Mondays, Argent's home for all things editorial, our content brings together brand mission, inspiration, and ambitious women everywhere

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Meet Sali Christeson

Sali spent a decade working in the Bay Area's finance and technology scene where she struggled to find work clothes that were both bold and practical. Options were stagnant, constricting, and lacked key functional elements.

Amidst her search, Sali read a study whose finding moved her to action: A woman’s ability to make a strong sartorial statement impacts her confidence, her career, and ultimately, her bottom line. 

It was then that Sali, an entrepreneur at heart and unapologetic power dresser, founded Argent. She set out to provide modern-day women with inspiring, practical, go-to resources to instill confidence in what to wear for their busy (often hybrid) lives. From then on out, Sali’s mission has been to help women suit up to level the office playing field and claim their seat at the table.

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