Liza Harris

Michael Campanaro @ 2024-06-10 09:15:39 -0400

"Before Liza even arrived at West Wing Writers, my colleagues were raving about her talent, her promise, her excellent writing test. And they were right to: in working with her, I’ve observed firsthand her ability to write both cleanly and creatively, to contribute thoughtfully without overpowering, and to get right to the heart of an assignment. It’s part of why I’ve advocated for her to join more and more of the projects I’m on—she makes for an excellent teammate.

“She is also a wonderful teammate because, of course, she is a wonderful person. She has the biggest heart, and approaches everyone in her life with genuine curiosity and care. She also never fails to make me laugh when work or life is stressful, and takes great joy in the same little pleasures I do (namely, Trolli gummy worms). I’m so lucky to call her a colleague and friend."