The M-F Edit

What to wear for the work week ahead.

Getting dressed for work is much easier when you’ve got great examples to follow. Below, find five of them, one for each day of the Monday-Friday workweek. After all, you’ve got enough on your plate—look to the Argent community to inspire how to dress for it.

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Start Off Strong

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Kick the work week off with a powerful shade of magenta. Something vibrant to combat a case of the Mondays.

Photo: @corporate_curly


Play With Scale

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For a creative yet polished twist, try mixing stripes of different weights in a coordinated neutral color palette.

Photo: @darcycarden


Add A Statement Piece

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Don’t save your favorite statement pieces for the off-hours. This look makes a case for extending the use of your favorite accessories—for example: a leopard print clutch—by pairing it with our crisp olive suit.

Photo: @aligelles


Skip The Sleeves

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