Lauren Wesley Wilson

Sali Christeson @ 2024-04-05 15:53:33 -0400

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In Lauren Wesley Wilson’s debut book, the Founder and CEO of ColorComm is challenging every professional to think about how they build and use their power in the workplace, and she’s asking some of the most important questions. One, in particular. What Do You Need?: How Women of Color Can Take Ownership of Their Careers to Accelerate Their Path to Success 

is a resource that comes 13 years after Wesley Wilson launched her business. What began as a luncheon series is now a national membership community that connects women of color and builds toward a more diverse representation of leadership across the communications, marketing, advertising, and media industries. What Do You Need? has the potential to reach even wider.

“The goal of this book, and really the message, is: How are you taking ownership of your career? Because you're in control and it's not your employer,” Wesley Wilson explains in this month’s Office Hours, “and to stop searching for this perfect environment that does not exist.” Ahead, she shares her own experience with of navigating poor working environments, the growth of ColorComm and its community, and the question that can help unlock career and personal growth.